Strange Omens

Strange Omens


Who wants a one card reading for 1$? drop a dollar in my paypal and I’ll give you a 1 card reading with either tarot, oracle, or rune cards, to any question!

Go ahead and message me after you’ve dropped a paypal message and i’ll give you your reading/s!

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hey so i need to go grocery shopping and im super hungry so if you could slide into my dms and ask about my many tarot reading options, or just be a dear and donate to my paypal, thatd be fantastic!

we’re struggling to make it to next week and really anything helps <3

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Praise Hermes!

Beloved companion and champion of mortals.

Friend to the living and guide to the dead.

Always are you welcome here.

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In Hestia’s name, may you always have a home and a roof over your head.

May you always be comfortable and warm with a full belly.

May you always be in good spirits and good company, never knowing the pervading loneliness that envelopes the soul.

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reblog if you agree that people should not use the Gods as an excuse to spread hate.

ive seen way too mch of this on tumblr- people using Aphrodite’s name to support their TERF bullshit. Way too many people using the Gods to justify their nasty hatred for others. TERFs have no place in our community.

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It’s pride month!!

(I’m not the owner of this image, I can’t remember who is the original owner. I will reblog it with the owner if I find him)

I might be wrong but did you make this @dumbwitchdisease?

Uhh maybe? I made a batch of witchy/pagan rainbow icons a little while back, and this looks like it could be one of them

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Witch Tip

If you’re havjng a hard time letting go of a toxec person, especially if it’s because of guilt or feeling like you owe them, pick up some Howlite. Carry it with you when you’re around that person. Use it in a letting go spell. Howlite is good for breaking binds and bonds, and for moving forward from the negative.

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Unearthing Ireland’s deepest fairy secrets and darkest myths


A fairy fort, with corn stooks of four sheaves each, in Loughinisland, Co Down, in 1962. Photograph: Michael J Murphy/

“A worldwide crowdsourcing movement is currently unearthing Ireland’s deepest fairy secrets and darkest myths. A voluntary collective online is working its way through transcribing 700,000 pages of folklore that were collected throughout Ireland between 1937 and 1939. This mass of previously inaccessible material was gathered by more than 100,000 children who were sent to seek out the oldest person in their community just before second World War to root out the darkest, oddest and weirdest traditional beliefs, secrets and customs, which were then logged into 1,128 volumes, titled the Schools’ Manuscripts Collection.

Half a million pages have been digitised by the National Folklore Collection, of which more than 100,000 pages have now been transcribed by volunteers, revealing the fairy situation in every townland, the types of leprechaun and butter churn common to each area, the names of people who tried to steal gold and what happened to them, or who had relationships with mermaids. There is material on local cures, holy wells, strange animals, travelling folk and spirits.”

The Irish Times


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Shout out to whoever got me this off my wishlist! The note was left anonymous but I’m extremely excited to use this as a source and learning material!!🙏🖤✨

Edit: @ my friends wanting to learn more about Norse paganism I would highly recommend the above book! It features the original Nordic translation and three translations to for comparison. I’ve been wanting to do some loose translations of my own so the comparisons + writing space are wonderful - Óðinn approves!

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