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Strange Omens

i wrote a kitchen witchcraft book


i wrote and illustrated my own kitchen witchcraft book! potioncraft is an original written + hand-illustrated collection of recipes and rituals for beverages of all kinds. it features recipes for spiced hot cocoa, mulled cider, harvest sangria, and basil lemonade; it also features information on the magick of smoothies, teas, coffee and more. throughout the booklet are beautiful stippled illustrations that create a rustic witch-of-the-woods aesthetic.

the book is $8 and makes an great gift for yourself or another. buy it here. support witches!

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Fuck this book.

Apologises for language. But seriously. I bought this two weeks ago and finally got a chance to read it.

This book is a mess from start to finish.

There is a chapter entitled Pyramid Power.

According to this book, I am not a good devotee of Hathor as I don’t like coral pink and wear jewellery that isn’t copper. Two apparently clear signs that Hathor would have no interest in working with me :/

The title is a lie, as there isn’t a single complete ritual in this book.

There is also a general confusion in this book about if the Egyptian gods are simply exotic forms of the Greek gods or somehow Atlantan deities, idk.

But my biggest complaint is the racism;

‘It is interesting to note that, although the Egyptians must have been overall a dark-skinned people and therefore predominantly brown-eyed, they almost always depicted their Sun gods with blue eyes. A folk memory, no doubt, of a fair and blue-eyed people who, to them, were the original race of ‘gods’’. p.107.

Like I say this book is a mess.



I didn’t instantly recognise this book as a no go, so I would like to make sure no one spends good money on this book again. Remember the name, remember the cover, and dont pick it up.

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Yule Resource Masterpost



A collection of categorized links for your Yule needs! What is Yule? [X] Yule is celebrated on slightly different days depending on who you ask, but the broad spectrum is: December 20th to January 1st.

 The basics:

Yule Crafts:

Yule Recipes:

Yule Spells:

Yule Tarot Spreads:


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Keep me Warm for Hanukkah!


Hey there! It’s me, R! I am gay, trans, and disabled which makes it hard for me to work. It is cold where I live and I pretty desperately need money to pay my utilities and get food. Please help me if you can, and Hanukkah sameach!

I also offer $35 tarot readings for the whole of 2019, so feel free to reach out! I love to work for my money when I can.

Paypal: (link)

Cash: $RDonations (link)

Venmo: @Rabbie-Davis

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Reminder that I do indepth readings for 2019 for $35

Satisfied customer, can vouch for them.

But for realsies this is one of the few things I’m able to do right now and my rent’s due on Saturday, so feel free to message me about it.

another extremely satisfied customer here holy shit!!

Gosh I am so happy to hear that y'all are happy! It makes me happy I can offer this to folks who are looking to see what road they’re going down!

OH I WANTED TO SAY: if you’re having a trouble with the price point of $35 because you’re poor but you really want a reading, reach out to me, I’m 100% willing to work with folks!

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