Strange Omens

Strange Omens

You’re still a witch, y’know.


Even if you don’t follow tradition.

Even if you’re eclectic.

Even if you change things to fit your own beliefs. 

Even if you don’t worship any deities.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, gods, or an afterlife.

Even if you don’t use ouija boards or tarot cards.

Even if you’re solitary.

Even if you curse and hex.

Even if you don’t bring sociopolitical stuff into your craft.

Even if you’re not “born a witch”, even if you don’t have a “magic bloodline”, even if your family aren’t witches.

No matter your race, your skin color, your culture, your gender, your sex, your sexuality, your political or religious views, no matter your orientations or your identities, you’re still a witch. If you use the label, if you practice the craft, you are a witch and you are valid. Nobody can say otherwise. Nobody can take that away from you. Nobody can gatekeep. Nobody can tell you what’s right or wrong. Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do, for any reason at all. Nobody can dictate your beliefs. There are no exceptions.

And if they try to, tell them to shove their dogma and their “holier than thou uwu” attitude where the moon don’t shine.

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Quick magic tips for fatigue


I know when I am fatigued I never feel like doing magic and I have no energy to put into anything. And it almost always feels like there is no way to get back on track. So here are a few tips to try to get out of that and maybe get a little energy back in the process.


For low energy but can still walk a little:
-Go find plants and twigs and take them home. Talk with them and learn about them. You can always put the ones back that you don’t seem to connect with.
-Use tea, herbs, or other plant matter to make a witch bottle for energy. Don’t put your energy into it use the energy from the plants and just think of the outcome you want to achieve while you make it.
-Go someplace and just sit in nature. Even if its just a little tree in a park.
-Hand wash a piece of clothing with herbs in the wash. Let the plants enchant the clothes.
-Talk to your animals if you have them. Maybe ask if you can borrow some energy from them if they can.
-Get a bowl of water and add salt to it. Play sounds of ocean waves to connect to the sea.
-I do a little bit of leather work and when my hands aren’t sore I can make bags for amulets. You could also sew a cloth bag to use later as an amulet or sachet.
-Going with the above idea, making things or organizing things a little to use in later spell work is a good idea. For me I can sit and listen to a podcast or music and make an amulet bag. But there are other things like crochet you can do. Just trying to get an object ready for later use can save you some energy later in the process.

For when I really can’t leave the house or move around much:
-Talk to the spirit of the house. Have tea with them. leave them a small offering, like a cookie on a plate on a table (or somewhere a pet can’t get it).
-Tea. Use the energy of the plants brewed into it. Meditate with it. If it is a specific herb that can be used for something like dream work use it.
-Resting and dreaming. I generally lucid dream and if I think of a specific thing before going to bed and focus on it I can usually dream of it.
-Doodling. practicing lines for sigils. Sketch ideas for magic drawings. Just enjoy the movements.
-Open a window and ask the wind for a little energy. Listen to the rain and draw comfort from the sound.
-Talk to your plants.
-If you have a spirit box, jar, or home for your familiars or spirit friends take that down and talk to them. Have a little snack with them. Watch funny videos with them.
-Research mythology, folklore, your ancestors, anything magical you want to know about.
- Tea, Tea, and more Tea
-Coffee if you think the energy will help and you can stand it. Put cinnamon or other warm spices in the coffee for extra energy.
-Research your gods, write up something online about them. Update your blog with good facts and links for other witches to use. This can be done from bed and helps the community!
-Just listen to music and visualize places you can travel to. Use the energy of the music to fill your magical battery.
-Also did I mention TEA

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Learning tarot? Want a refresher? Or just enjoy a clear, minimal and bright deck that will let you relax into your readings?

The Apprentice Tarot is a fully reading-functional study tarot deck designed to help you learn while also feeling involved with the cards. Each card includes upright and reversed definitions, elemental correspondences, suit keywords, and color-coded borders, in a minimally obtrusive design leaving space for bold images to aid in memorization and sense of involvement during the reading.

I’ve tried to create the deck I wish had existed when I first started reading, at a price normal people can afford.

You can get the Apprentice Tarot at ((my shop)), along with other accessories, crafts, and goodies. More coming soon!

Boosts and reblogs appreciated!

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<blockquote><p>freyja’s gonna slay ya</p></blockquote>

<p>This is the first time I have seen Freyja drawn as anything but slender and curvy. </p>
<p>I am having feelings and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet.</p>



freyja’s gonna slay ya

This is the first time I have seen Freyja drawn as anything but slender and curvy.

I am having feelings and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet.

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*Me, dusting a mix of salt, sage and rosemary around my home*



“Don’t mind me, just seasoning my house”

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[ via ]

( also trying to get ahead of one Objection that might come at this [link] )

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Desperate Measures

I still need to pay an outstanding parking ticket, but can’t afford to do so at the moment. I also need gas money to move my RV.

It’s my only form of shelter and I’d rather not be on the streets or forced to stay in unsafe locations.

So, I’m offering the following services for $5 each:

Tarot card readings

Oracle card readings

Dice divination

Dream interpretation

Simple spell castings

Contact me via the Tumblr messaging system, no anonymous asks or multiple asks, please.

Each one is payable to my Paypal link

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So I’m doing a project on modern witches and I’m looking for some statistics. Please reblog this if you identify as LGBTQ and practice some form of witchcraft!

Queer witch

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🌛🍓 Strawberry Moon 🍓🌜



what is the strawberry moon?

🌛 called also the “rose moon” by some (it is interesting to note, strawberries and roses are in the same plant family). it is the full moon of june. the name of the moon references the transition of spring into summer, as roses and strawberries bloom, and in general the start of plants bearing fruit. 

what does that mean for witchcraft?

🍓  as it’s the beginning of summer, symbolic ingredients such as roses and strawberries becoming available, which are key ingredients in love and friendship magic. 

🌛  this is around the midpoint of the year, and the full moon nearest the summer solstice, also known as midsummer night. this is a good time for rituals preparing for the rest of the year, instigating changes and reassessment. 

this is coming up june 27th 2018!

or if you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’ll be having the full beaver moon (link to post)

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<blockquote><p>Happy Litha! May you all enjoy the fruits of the summer 🌞</p></blockquote>


Happy Litha! May you all enjoy the fruits of the summer 🌞

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