Strange Omens

Strange Omens


The old Gods are not dead
They are not sleeping
They have always been here, watching
Letting humans practice their free will
Helping those that are wise enough to ask
And blessing those that remember Them

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gathering calm ocean vibes 🌊

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Witch Tip




If you’re an established witch you’ve probably run into the “Good Gods Why Won’t This Paper Just Finish Burning Already” conundrum. I, too, used to suffer from the Eternal Fire of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For This, before I learned a simple, easy way of making that paper burn waaaaaaay faster.

Substitute your ordinary paper for a standard paper coffee filter. The thin material lights quickly, and burns out fast.

***always practice appropriate fire safety***

this post is a fuckin miracle

Ohhhh, that’s *clever*.

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✨💕Self-Love Sachet💕✨

You will need:

  • Crushed rose petals (so they fit but don’t go through the fabric)
  • Lavender
  • Small rose quartz
  • String/ needle and thread to close the sachet with
  • Fabric of your choosing that will hold herbs and a crystal. I suggest a color that reminds you of love and peace.
  • A candle you associate with love/self love and a lighter

How to Make it!

  1. Take your fabric and cut a square piece big enough that when the four corners are brought together it will hold all of your items! This will differ depending on how much of the ingredients you use and how big your crystal is. You don’t need a lot, but follow your instincts and go with what feels right.
  2. Put your crushed roses and your lavender onto the middle of the fabric!
  3. Light your candle, pick up your rose quartz, and hold it within your hands. Focus on the fact that you want it to help you love yourself. Try to push that thought/energy into the stone via your hands or in a way that you feel is right.
  4. Take the rose quartz and with great caution, pass it over or (quickly) through the flame. This can activate and/or empower the intent; whichever your path fits best with.
  5. I suggest for this next part putting something under everything when doing this so it doesn’t leak through to the surface your working on.
  6. Put the rose quartz with the herbs on the fabric. Take your candle and drip a small bit of wax onto the crystal/herbal mixture. Put the lit candle back to where it was resting safely.
  7. Bring the four corners together. Tie it/sew it closed with the feeling of a spell being cast/finished.
  8. Take the sachet and put it over but not close to the flame. As you blow it out and the smoke flows over the sachet, you can say “It is done” or whatever closing to a spell you’d like.

You’re done! You can use the sachet anytime you like! All you have to do is hold it and accept its energies! To cleanse and charge it, put it under the light of a full moon!

❌ Warnings ❌

Make sure to practice proper fire and herbal safety at all times!!! Safety is always the main priority!!!

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Dollar Store Witchcraft Tip


Need some cheap labels but don’t have any? No problem, witchy friend, I have your solution!

Dollar tree sells white shipping labels, which are self-adhesive like stickers, and you can write and colour on them however you want and cut them to the size you need. They stick to anything, too.

One package is a dollar and has 20 4x6 inch labels. The possibilities are pretty much endless! You can;

-Label jars and bottles
-Draw sigils on them and place them wherever you want
-Draw symbols for worship or magick application and place them accordingly on whatever surface you need to. (Warning; they are paper, so they will catch fire!)
-Draw on them and decorate your altar!
-If you’re artsy, make custom stickers for your Book of Shadows/Grimoire
-Just today I used three to cover a candle in homemade stickers.
-You can probably think of so many other applications; these are just what I use them for.

Dollar Tree is great for all kinds of stuff regarding witchcraft, and this is one of my favourites because I have so many bottles and jars.

Go crazy, witches!

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Things I’ve Learned from the Moon

🌙 She will listen when no one else does

🌙 Your dreams are just as real as what your waking eyes perceive as reality. A different type of realism, but real nevertheless

🌙 When the sun goes down, beautiful things still exist. They’re just harder to notice within the darkness

🌙 Sometimes, we can’t be prepared for what will happen. But, sometimes, we can.

🌙 You subconscious should not be feared, but embraced. It is what gives you the truth when you can’t find it with your waking eyes

🌙 In order to grow and heal, we must be renewed every now and again

🌙 Just like the moon, people go through phases in life. People may admire you at your fullest, but the other phases are just as beautiful and worthy of your admiration

🌙 If you ask her which direction to take, she’ll tell you to follow the path your heart leads you down

🌙 Your emotions and sensitivity don’t hinder you. Embrace & accept them, they are gifts from the Lunar Mother herself

🌙 She is the master of her ocean’s tides. You are the master of yours.

🌙 The people you surround yourself with are reflections of your own aspects

🌙 Have patience; this, too, will pass

🌙 Your inner truth must be sought

🌙 Illusions and lies are only temporary covers for what lies underneath

🌙 If you watch over others, the moon will make sure to always watch over you

🌙 Nurturing others is nice, but she urges you to start by nurturing yourself

🌙 The illuminated path is not always the correct one. Sometimes you have to uncover it yourself

🌙 If you ask her a question, she’ll often tell you that you already know the answer. You’ll find that she is right.

🌙 If she offers her advice, it would do you well to take it

🌙 Like her own, your power can be soft and loving. That doesn’t make it any less powerful

🌙 Trust your intuition. It is the Lunar Mother’s guidance.

🌙 We all have a “dark” side. It is not to be feared, it is simply full of hidden truths

🌙 Your “dark” side does not make your light side any less bright

🌙 As she ages, she keeps her soul rejuvenated and young. She can help you do the same

🌙 The moon wants to help you. Listen to her.

And, finally:

🌙If you can’t find a light in the darkness, you are the light


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Hello darlings! Today I really want to talk about magical waters. I’ll start with simple waters, then one ingredient waters, and then composite waters. Waters is pretty much anything like water that is used magically, so it ranges from storm water to tobacco and damiana tincture, and other stuff. Any of these can be collected whenever is convenient, but I added the time to collect them to make them more potent.

Natural Waters

Rain Water:

Rain water can be used for any spell to make it more potent, but it is a useful tool in peace magic, to quell anger, to relax, and for dream magic. Collect whenever you want.

Storm Water:

Storm water can be either protective or offensive. Use it to wash down your doors to protect you from hexes, and wash your tools with it to amplify their power. You can use it in any hexes or curses you want. To amplify it, add rusty nails to it and let turn rusty. Collect on a waxing gibbous moon.

Swamp Water:

Can be used in works for binding, hexing, or cloaking. Use when wanting to cause illness. Annoint yourself with swamp water to make yourself unnoticeable to others. Colelct on the dark moon (second new moon of the month) or on the new moon.

Marsh Water:

Marsh water is almost the same as swamp water, but it is more suitable for cloaking than other things. It can also be used for cleansing negative energies. Colelct on waning crescent moon.

Hail Water:

Hail water is melted hailstones. Use it for protection or hexing. Similar to storm water, but more aggressive. Use when you want to break sojmeone, or when you wish to cause physical harm. Collect during a full moon for best results.

Salt Water:

Salt water can be used for cleansing and protection from negativity. Simply add salt to water.

Sea Water:

Use sea water in works involving the psyche, or in hexing. It can also be used for cleansing. I use it to work with demonic forces as well. Collect on a new moon.

Lake Water:

Lake water is amazing in works concerning emotions, love, memories, or past life regressions. Boil it and drink it to enhance attempts for past life regressions. Collect on waxing moon.

Pond Water:

Use when wanting to bind someone, or to limit their horizons. Keep a flower vase with pond water in it on a table to silence a conversation to those not sitting at it. Collect on a dark moon.

Spring Water:

Spring water is super versatile. Use it instead of tap water.


Dew can allow the witch to cast powerful glamours for beauty and youth. It is an important ingredient in love potions. Collect at sunrise during a waxing or full moon.

Self Water:

Fancy word for spit or urine. This one is a little nasty, but it is to be used whenever a spell needs to be tied to the caster.


Sun Water:

Bask any sort of water in the sun for a full day. Use it for cleansing, to bring positivity into a space, or for glamours of youth.

Moon Water:

Used to power up any spell. Let water sit in the light of a full moon for a full night.

Tobacco Water:

Steep tobacco into water for a week in the fridge. When strained, mix with 100 proof vodka, about 1.5 parts water for 1 part vodka. Use it to cleanse or to offer to spirits when working with them. Can be used to cause addiction in a person.

Saffron Water:

Steep saffron into water and mix 1 part water with 1 part vodka. Use to raise winds by sprinkling it in the air, or rub on your lips before whistling and raising storms.

Rose Water:

Use for love, glamours, and beauty. Steep fresh rose petals in vodka for a period of 4 weeks, and then extract all the liquid from the petals by pressing them until they have lost their color. Cut with 0.5 part water.

Orange Blossom Water:

Use for joy, beauty, cleansing, and sunshine. Prepare in the same way as the rose water.

Lilac Water:

Use lilac water for sleep, dream magic, spirit work, and cleansing. Prepare in the same way you would prepare the other flower waters.

Apple Blossom Water:

Create this by the same manner as the three flower waters above. Use for protection, love, and beauty.

Holly Water:

Holly water is to be used to protect your family. It will prick at intruders, or unwelcomed guests. It will also allow you to always have knoledge of the safety of your family. Simply steep holly leaves in water and mix with vodka. Do not ingest this, as it is poisonous.


All Bite no Bark Water:

A powerful water used for protection of a space. Mix together storm water, hair of a black dog, dirt of a grave, the ashes of psalm 7, rose thorns, teeth of a canidae, and three holly berries. Pour around a room which you wish to protect, or water protective plants to give their produce an aggressive kick. This water will protect a space with the ferocity of a rabid dog, and will not warn before attacking.

Fiery Wall of Protection Water:

Mix together sun water with three hot peppers, red brick dust, pottasium nitrate (saltpeter), sulfur, and blackthorn pricks. Another like the above, but more passive. Attacker might suffer a rash after encountering it.

Pitch Water:

Use pitch water to stop someone from making any progress. Mix together water from a swamp, gum arabic or acacia, charcoal dust, and chapparal. It can also be used to dissorient. Fair warning, this water is hella sticky.

Fuck Off Water:

Mix together sumac, apple seeds, thorns of a blackberry, cloves and storm water. Use it to repel unwanted people.

Goodbye Lover Water:

Mix together sea water, sumac, cloves, poppy seeds, thorns of a cactus, petals of a hibiscus flower, and saltpeter. Use it to get rid of unwanted courters or lovers, or to make two people break up.

I hope you guys find this useful! Make sure to be careful with any of the potentially dangerous ingredients listed, and put these to good use! Good luck my darlings.

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