Strange Omens

Strange Omens


Why… why does this exist?

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<p>She’s not leading that coven, dammit. </p>
<p>Any witch can tell you we don’t lead well. We’re all out here casting spells on Trump 24 hours a day seven days a week individually of our own free will. </p>
<p>The witch pope approves, either way.</p>



She’s not leading that coven, dammit. 

Any witch can tell you we don’t lead well. We’re all out here casting spells on Trump 24 hours a day seven days a week individually of our own free will. 

The witch pope approves, either way.

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Rose Petal PSA






I see a lot of witches drying rose petals for floral arrangements or even making rose water from them. Please keep in mind that roses grown for florists are over treated with pesticides and fertilizers. Anything made from these petals isn’t safe to ingest. 

If you’re doing work that requires making a rose preparation for ingestion or topical application that will be absorbed into the skin, you’ll want to get rose petals from a shop that sells for these purposes. 

Or grow your own organically. Old fashioned varieties rather than the hybrid teas you see in flower arrangements are usually grown for these purposes because they grown more easily without intense treatments. 


As a witch who worked at a florist, whenever I ‘cleaned’ the roses for sale (taking off excess leaves, slicing off thorns, etc), I would immediately wash my hands afterward. The chemicals were so bad I would feel immediate irritation and would have skin issues if I didn’t scrub clean every 30 minutes or so (I aimed for 1 wash after every 12).

It’s especially worth noting that roses from florists are often (almost always) flown in from other countries where the laws about pesticides are a lot more lax. Originally we got ours from a grower in Colombia, which wasn’t too bad, but I believe we switched to Ecuador and holy moly I don’t know what the company we got it from used but it was strong. As in ‘The smell of the chemicals hit me like a wall as soon as I opened up the dozen, despite them having traveled all the way from Ecuador in a freezer’ strong.

It was so bad I legitimately had worries about how handling the roses would effect my long term health, and gods above and below I felt for the workers over there that had to deal with these pesticides regularly and up close.

Also, if you buy your own rose bush to use for ingestion purposes, DO NOT use the petals off of it for the first year UNLESS you got it from a organic nursery. Because most places do spray the roses with pesticides and fertilizers from seedling on up, and it will take a year for all that stuff to work it’s way out of the plant’s system.

If you need rose petals to ingest ASAP, I would strongly suggest checking out tea shops. Many local or online sellers have rose teas that are lovely, and either have rose hips (which might not be as fancy as petals and have a more citrus-y flavor, but are the fruit borne from a rose and thus symbolic as all hell) or rose petals mixed in with their teas. This are absolutely edible, and are easily accessible to boot.

Signed, a ex-florist and Rose Nerd.

I really hope people see this because it is very important. Roses from the floral section are not intended for consumption. I have found whole rose buds at herb stores, Asian grocery stores (in cooking sections), and tea stores. I would highly suggest going to those places for roses. They may also sell tea with a high quantity of rose petals which you can use in place of pure roses. Another note: jasmine tea is not tea with dried jasmine. Most jasmine varieties are not edible and you can’t use dried jasmine in tea unless it is a variety specifically marketed as being edible (jasmine sambac aka Pikake)

Reblogging this immediately because my most popular post is ‘How to dry rose petals the lazy way’ and I completely forgot to mention this.

Also, the kind of Rose you’re looking for is a Rosa Damascena or Damask Rose. That’s the variety that’s been used in perfume for hundreds of years, other varieties won’t have the same scent. Dried rose petals can be found fairly easily by looking up ‘food grade organic dried rose petals’

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help a chronically ill witch



hi friends, i am in a bit of financial trouble right now. i have a history of severe and enormous ovarian cysts (two of which were 5 pounds each), and i have another one growing that is affecting my ability to work. i have had to call out from work a handful of times this past week because i am having trouble standing for long periods of time, and i just found out today that my work is unable to do paid sick time off.

for this reason, my book, potioncraft, is on sale for 20% off right now ($6.40). it’s a recipe + ritual book about different beverages, like tea, cocoa, cider, sangria, and smoothies. it makes a great gift, and will help keep me financially afloat while i resolve my health issues.

click HERE for the listing! the sale is running now until march 1st. i would be so so thankful if you purchased! i hate asking for things like this but it would compensate a little bit for the time i can’t get paid while sick. xoxo

just added more to the listing, i am headed to the studio with the help of some friends tomorrow to print and ship everything. thank you all so so so much. 🖤🖤🖤

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hey guys my mom and i have 15 dollars total to live off for the rest of the week and nothing in the fridge… if anyone has some extra cash i do a name your price natal chart analysis, each dollar gets you a paragraph with at least 7 sentences. if you are interested then my inbox is open!


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