Strange Omens

Strange Omens

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Egyptian Pantheon Enamel Pins

Jackal and Hare Art on Etsy

See our #Etsy or #Enamel Pins tags

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The Magick of Booze: A Correspondence Table



This is my own personal correspondence table for the use of alcohol in magick. It may not match your own usage of alcohol, but if you like anything you see, feel free to adopt it. Some of this is based in what the alcohol is made from, some on its history, and some of this is based in personal experience or associations. This is not about alcohol as an offering, but the usage of it as a spell component. The list is in no way exhaustive and does not include mixed drinks or brands. Just your basics.

Distilled Spirits

  • Absinthe: (Air) Useful in protection work. It is especially useful for safe astral travel. Using it to draw sigils for safe travels on one’s body before leaving it can keep away nasties in the meantime.
  • Gin: (Earth) Useful in spells promoting good health and is good as a binding ingredient for other alcohols’ properties. It can also be a good to use if the caster of the spell lives in poverty and this is pertinent to the spell in some way.
  • Rum: (Water) Useful in money spells or spells for gaining other material possessions. Rum can be especially useful in a spell involving an underhanded motive or intention, especially if the results leave you with more as a side effect of the spell’s main goal.
  • Tequila: (Fire) Tequila is all about timing. Perfect, exact timing. It can be used in spells involving punctuality, appointments, or decision making. It can be used when something has to be done just right, as well. Never use it for something involving the past or anything about the future. Tequila is always for the present, and in this moment, as they come issues.
  • Vodka: (Fire and Water) Good for strength and courage. Lifting yourself up by the bootstraps and carrying on with what needs to be done no matter how hard it is or how tired you are. Can be used in spells involving getting through difficult times, motivation, pushing forward, finishing projects. Shit’s gotta get done? Vodka.
  • Whiskey: (Water) Whiskey can be used in spells to promote change, usually when change is unwanted by someone else. It helps bypass interference and bring the change about in ways that which opposes it does not immediately notice.
  • Brandy: (Earth) Brandy can be used in love spells, especially those for preserving pre-existing love. It can also be used for attracting a long-lasting love as opposed to a fling.

Fermented Beverages

  • Beer: (Earth) Beer is used in spells involving the home, family, and the past. It can also be used in spells involving practicality vs desire.
  • Cider: (Earth) Cider is used in spells for harvesting what you’ve already planted. It helps ensure that the things you’re working towards are successful and your effort is not wasted. But you must put in the effort.
  • Wine: (Earth and Air) Wine can be used in spells for health, stress relief, and blessings. It can also be used for spells involving standing on your own and independence.
  • Mead: (Air) Mead can be used for spells involving inspiration, study, education, scholarly pursuits, the arts, and oratory issues. It can also be used to sweeten the temper of yourself or someone else.
  • Sangria: (Fire) Sangria is good for happiness spells, celebrations, and anything involving good times and fun. It is also good for spells meant to broaden horizons and promote new experiences.

This is perfection haha

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The Moon Phases


- compiled from my personal Grimoire | last updated: 13.07.18 -

New Moon:
It is a time for new beginnings. Cleansing. But it is also a good time for cursing as well as for banishing. Oh, and divination.
If you want to do a spell that needs a lot of planning, this is the perfect time for doing so.

Waxing Crescent:
The Waxing Crescent is a good time for attraction spells. Attracting friendship, success and luck. It is also a good time for spells regarding growth.

First Quarter:
It´s a time of balance. Spells for motivation are perfect in this phase. As well as in the previous phase, it is also a good time for spells that regard growth.

Waxing Gibbous:
A good time for health spells and inviting positivity. I like to do cleansing at this point and to perform spells that need some clarity.

Full Moon:
At this point the moon is completely illuminated and very powerful. Divination can be done perfectly at this time.
Banishing and healing. The Full Moon is the best time to charge things and yourself.

Waning Gibbous:
Release and letting go. (un)doing bindings as well as making space for new things. You can organise yourself at this point, divination is a good tool for doing so.

Last Quarter:
Banishing. breaking bad habits and doing curses and hexes. It is a good time to perform spells that want to hide something or someone.

Waning Crescent:
This is a time for reflection. Good for spells regarding memory and learning, education and career as well as success.
Also a good time to research.

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Witchy *Free* PDF book list Masterpost




Hey lovely witches! I wanted to share some of my PDF witchy books I have on my computer. I know it’s hard to find these books and not everyone has money to buy them or easy access. I hope I can help someone with this <3

Most of the books are on my google drive library, you can click on the link and then download if you’d like to.

Scott Cunningham’s Books:

D.J Conway’s Books:

Christopher Penczak’s Books

Cassandra Eason’s Books:

Illes Judika’s Books:

Ellwood Taylor’s Books:

For those of you who wish to see my full library on the drive, feel free to send me a message and I will send you the link!


😍😍😍 Thank you for this!


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Do you think the goddess Nike will smite all the conservatives burning Nike gear?

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The Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck is so enchantingly breathtaking, we’ve instantly connected and I just can’t stop admiring it ✨

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Bust of the nymph/naiad Herkyna in the Herkyna River in Greece

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<p><a href="" class="tumblr_blog" target="_blank">themodelcitizens</a>:</p><blockquote><p>Reblog Witch Shop Cat, Keeper of Crystals for good luck and successful spells.</p></blockquote>

<p>:::stares wistfully into the distance:::   Someday my little occult stand will have a storefront to call home, and a shop cat to go with it. Someday. </p>


Reblog Witch Shop Cat, Keeper of Crystals for good luck and successful spells.

:::stares wistfully into the distance::: Someday my little occult stand will have a storefront to call home, and a shop cat to go with it. Someday.

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Lessons from the Gods


These are personal lessons I have learned while interacting with individual gods that I thought could be helpful lessons to others as well

Zeus- One’s past mistakes should not influence their present chances, within reason.

Hera- It is alright to not be a perfect mother and you shouldn’t try hiding any postpartum. It is better to admit the fear, pain, and bad thoughts and get help than to let them fester.

Hephaestus- Beauty belongs to those who stand tall despite what others say… Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t. Please yourself not others

Apollon- There’s a “beast” in each of us that we must face daily and you won’t always win, but you should keep fighting anyways.

Artemis- “Roles” are just loose guidelines that one should not take seriously. Do you. Always do you

Persephone- Your story will change with each new mouth that speaks it. Don’t let it bother you. You know the truth and those who matter will know the truth. That is what is important

Hermes- You can be extremely childish and act dumb all you want and still be extremely smart, cunning, and mature when the situation calls for it

Nyx- Elegance and grace does not come naturally to everyone and if it doesn’t for you but you still wish to cultivate it do not give it up. 

Hestia- Spoiling others for no real reason makes you feel so much happier.

Aphrodite- Whatever makes you feel beautiful is alright. If you feel beautiful covered in makeup wonderful. If you feel beautiful all natural, wonderful. If you feel beautiful with mud on your face.. Guess what? That’s wonderful. Real beauty shines through when you feel happy in your skins, no matter what covers it.

Hades- Doom and gloom is fun. Doom and gloom does not spell evil. Take pride in your personal doom and gloom. ((I like watching creepy stuff in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep without a good ghost video playing and that’s awesome))

Athena- there is always more to learn and asking questions, no matter how “silly” or “stupid” they feel, is not something to apologize for. 

Thanatos- Being death positive is a good thing. We shouldn’t fear the most natural of things. Yes it is hard to imagine being gone from this world, but it is better to embrace it now and have things planned then to leave your loved ones with nothing to go on. Own your mortality and make it amazing while you can

Morpheus- Dreams don’t have to end when you open your eyes, you just have to keep working for them.

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